Paltop Fully Guided Surgery Kit Features

Philip Segal MDT

Paltop fully guided surgical kit


1. Continuous direct irrigation on drill

2. Use 2 hands not 4!

No implant drill guide keys/spoons required

3. No rotation of components inside guide sleeve

  • No direct contact of drilling flute to sleeves
  • No metal shavings- drills last longer.

4. Guide sleeves & DGS in two diameters for ideal implant spacing

5. Angled entry into surgical guide Significant less inter-arch space needed

6. Implant placement with orientation, direction & depth control

7. Intuitive guide sleeve design

8. Three drill lengths for flexibility

9. NEW color coding for drill length and diameter

10. Covers implant lengths from 6 -16mm Covers implant diameters from 3.00 – 5mm

11. Fully guided surgical drills for sequential drilling