Flapless Guided Surgery in the Maxilla

Dr. Shlomo Lazerovich | Philip Segal MDT

Single crowns - cement retained restoration

Laboratory: R. Krausz

Request for service

Upload of clinical images

Import of intra oral scanning files

Virtual extraction of tooth
Creation of panoramic curve
Scan alignment of intra oral scan to dicom
Design of virtual teeth

Implant Planning

Implant planning & prosthetic evaluation

Evaluation of Hounsfield index

Final implant planning

x-ray view

3D and Panoramic view

Design of surgical guide

Digital Prosthetic design

  • Surgical Guide
  • Temporary crowns with “location wings”
  • 3d printed model
  • Temporary peek abutments

Tooth Extraction

Verification of seating of surgical guide

Tissue punch

Tissue punch followed by first drill

X-ray of parallel pins

Final drill: 3.25mm

Implant placement

Connection and preparation of temporary peek abutment

Closure of screw access hole with Teflon and temporary filling

Stable seating of temporary crown with the aid of “location wings” Reline of crown with self-curing acrylic

Temporary cementation of crowns after removal of location wings