Flapless Guided Surgery with Genesis Implant

Dr. Anderson | Philip Segal MDT

Digital Requirements for Computer Guided Implant Planning

Raw Dicom files – open occlusion
STL file mandible

Creation of Panoramic curve

Scan alignment to dicom

Anatomy design – prosthetic driven planning

Implant planning – tooth 3

Implant planning – tooth 4

Implant planning – tooth 3

Implant planning & prosthetic evaluation

Surgical guide design

Surgical report

Surgical report - tooth 4

Surgical report - tooth 3

Guide sleeves

Genesis Tooth 3- 10 x 4.5mm Drilling protocol

Genesis Tooth 4- 10 x 3.8mm Drilling protocol

Validation of seating of the guide – inspection window

Flapless procedure

Implant placement

Healing Abutments