Dual Scan Protocol – Brief Case Review

Philip Segal MDT

Dual Scan Protocol – Brief case review: planning stage

Scanning the appliance

Place in the center of field of view

  • Place in the same position as in patients’ mouth
  • Make sure it is stable, by using the CT manufacturer’s appliance or a Styrofoam block
  • After scanning make sure that the markers are clear, that the outline is clear and that there isn’t any scatter

Scanning the appliance and the patient

  1. Scan the patient together wearing the denture with scan markers
  • Place the denture in the patient’s mouth using the bite index to ensure a secure placement in the mouth.
  • After scanning, verify that the markers are clearly visible.

Computer Guided Implant Planning 3D View

Panoramic curve

Implant planning

Prosthetic Planning

Panoramic view - Strategy

Occlusal planning view

List of implants & Anchor pins

Surgical report view

Design of surgical guide