3shape functionality for the Paltop Implant System

Philip Segal MDT

Implant studio for guided surgery

Digital requirements for computer guided implant planning

Partially edentulous case

CBCT open occlusion

STL files closed occlusion

CBCT open bite

STL files closed occlusion

Register Patient details


Case definition

Click on “crown”

Click on “implant” & Surgical Guide

Import Maxilla scan file (STL)

Import Mandible scan file (STL)

Import CBCT file

Placement & design of virtual crown

Virtual articulator

Gingival shaping

Cropping of CT Reduction of file size

Cropping of CT - Reduction of file size

Surface scan alignment to dicom

Click on Implant planning

Choose implant type, length & diameter

Adjusting generic abutment

“Fine tune” implant placement

Cross sectional view

Measuring Hounsfield index

Measuring soft tissue depth & more

Select correct guide sleeve (offset)

Select correct guide sleeve

Offset: 12mm

Implant length: 13mm

Drill length: 25mm

Surgical Guide Design

Surgical Guide Design

Reduction of sleeve housing

Surgical Guide Design

Surgical Guide Design

Inspection windows

Surgical Guide Design

Support Bar

Surgical Guide Design

Name Tag

Orientation groove

Final approval by the dental practitioner

Generation of Drilling & Surgical protocols Surgical Guide Upper jaw scan with implant info

surgical report

Drilling protocol

Paltop fully guided surgical kit